SCHNEIDER Kessel Service GmbH
Hildburghauser Strasse 79
12249 Berlin, Germany
fon: +49 (0)30 75 44 93 99 0
fax: +49 (0)30 75 44 93 99 21

Since 1919 SCHNEIDER-KESSEL BERLIN is worldwide active as a manufacturer of steam and hot water generators. In addition to project planning, research and development, design and manufacturing of boilers, service and maintenance has become one of our most important areas due to the competence and decade long experience of our technicians and engineers. Our service team of dedicated and first class welders, fitters and electricians is capable to service any boiler in a competent and reliable manner on short notice.
We offer our service for our own products as well as for all known brands of water tube and shell boilers.

Areas of our Service
maintenance and repair of boilers and piping systems
revamp of complete boiler plants
special services such as boiler re-tubing, exchange of anchor bolts and gusset stays
flue gas side and water side cleaning
preparation and conducting of inner and outer boiler revision for local authotities
boiler check in accordance with local regulations
plant optimization and consulting
supply and installation of heat recovery systems and other boiler auxiliaries
boiler changeover to different fuels
manufacturing of pressure vessels and auxiliary equipment
spare parts