SCHNEIDER-Water Tube Boiler | series iNOOK


For medium capacities - Natural circulation boiler


steam generation up to 10 t/h and 100 barg

This boiler model of vertical design is especially developed for closed circuits in palm oil refineries where the steam is used as heating medium in distillation columns and where no direct contact with the product occurs. The iNOOK has its worldwide application in thermal processes in the palm-oleo and oleo-chemical industry.
The iNOOK is directly connected with the consumer (i.e. heat exchanger, condenser). The steam-water circulation through the boiler and the consumer is self sustained by the gravity difference between steam and condensate (natural circulation).
The advantage of the iNOOK boiler is that it can be installed and operated even when limited space is available. As a boiler without a steam drum the iNOOK poses for closed circuits a cost-efficient alternative to the ERK-HP with a steam drum.

1. SV1 safety valve
2. PS+ pressure switch
3. PSZ+ pressure limiter
4. PIC pressure transmitter/control
5. PI pressure gauge
6. LSZ-1 low level limiter
7. LSZ-2 low level limiter
8. TSZ+ temperature limiter
9. XZA flame sensor
10. RD rupture disc
11. TIC thermocouple/temperature control
12. AV1 venting valve
13. AV2 test valve low water level
14. AV3 filling and drain valve
15. RV check valve
16. SV3 safety valve
17. FP filling pump
18. ST strainer
19. FH flexible hose