SCHNEIDER-Three Pass Boilers | series HWO


High pressure hot water generators in single flame-tube design


capacity up to 14.0 MW with light fuel oil
capacity up to 18.2 MW with natural gas

SCHNEIDER-Three Pass Boilers HWO as high pressure hot water generators in single flame tube design are the ideal heat generators where quality requirements are high, for high performance ranges and for all combustion systems of liquid and gaseous fuels.
They are used primarily in district heating plants and are characterized by a high degree of economic efficiency and operational safety as well as low-emission combustion.

SCHNEIDER-Three Pass Boilers | series HWO-D


High pressure hot water generators in double-flame tube design


capacity up to 28.0 MW with light fuel oil
capacity up to 36.4 MW with natural gas

The SCHNEIDER-Three Pass Boiler HWO-D supplements the single flame-tube boilers in the higher performance range. The double flame-tube design offers economic hot water generation requiring a relatively small space for installation.
The special feature of the SCHNEIDER-Three Pass Boiler HWO-D double flame-tube design is the complete separation of the two combustion parts. The flue gas of the two burners flows, separated from each other, from the furnace through the smoke tube passes into the outlet chamber. Separation walls in both reversing chambers and the outlet chamber avoid any interference of the two flue gas flows. This is a basic requirement for faultless and low-pollution combustion and it also permits single flame tube operation.