SCHNEIDER-High pressure steam Boiler | series HPB


For medium capacities - Natural circulation boiler


steam generation up to 10 t/h and 100 barg

The HPB is a high pressure steam boiler with steam drum especially designed for open steam circuits. The boiler supplies high pressure steam for thermic process engineering plants where special safety regulations are enforced particularly in productions where the steam comes in direct contact with the product.
The HPB is a natural circulation boiler where the steam drum is arranged above the vertical designed tube cage. Normally steam drum and tube cage are delivered together with riser and steam overflow tubes as well as the down-comers as one unit making the local installation fast and easy. In case of limited space the drum can be delivered separately to be installed on site above the boiler wherever space is available.

The main application of the HPB is the entire oil & fats and food & beverage industry especially focussed on
oleochemical processes, fat splitting.
refinery, distillation, fractioning and esterification.